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How to Overcome Self-Judgment
and Live a Life of Bravery, Compassion, and Authenticity

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  • Photo of Elizabeth Gilbert

    Elizabeth Gilbert

    Bestselling author of Eat Pray Love and Big Magic

    • Engages in conversation with Tami Simon about the journey of self-acceptance
    • A very personal discussion about risk, courage, and authenticity
  • Photo of Anne Lamott

    Anne Lamott

    Author of Bird by Bird and Small Victories

    • Known for her humor, insight, and gentle inspiration
    • Speaks about “radical self-care” in this interview with Tami Simon
  • Photo of Rick Hanson, PhD

    Rick Hanson, PhD

    Pioneering neuroscientist and New York Times bestselling author of Buddha’s Brain

    • Outlines how your neurology is shaped by your thoughts
    • Offers key insights and practices for overcoming the brain’s “negativity bias”
  • Photo of Caroline Myss

    Caroline Myss

    Renowned medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, and New York Times bestselling author

    • Explores the core power of self-esteem
    • Illuminates our “Saboteur” archetype
    • Shares the most important choice you can make
  • Photo of Iyanla Vanzant

    Iyanla Vanzant

    Life coach and author, host of Iyanla: Fix My Life on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

    • Reminds you that you have what you need for self-compassion—and teaches you how to make best use of your gifts
  • Photo of Marianne Williamson

    Marianne Williamson

    Bestselling author of Everyday Grace and The Gift of Change

    • Explores the spiritual dimension of self-acceptance
    • Guides you to the source of unconditional compassion
  • Photo of Tara Brach, PhD

    Tara Brach, PhD

    Renowned meditation teacher and psychologist, author of Radical Acceptance

    • Reveals how we can wake up from the “trance of unworthiness”
    • Takes you through the four-step RAIN process for inquiry and healing
  • Photo of Glennon Doyle

    Glennon Doyle

    Activist and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Love Warrior

    • Speaks with Tami Simon about the challenge of accepting our own strength in a culture that tries to keep us afraid and dependent
  • Photo of Gabrielle Bernstein

    Gabrielle Bernstein

    Author of the New York Times bestseller The Universe Has Your Back

    • Shows how you can make the shift from fear to faith
    • Shares secrets for finding strength and support from the world around you
  • Photo of Kristin Neff, PhD

    Kristin Neff, PhD

    One of the first researchers to do empirical studies on self-compassion, and author of Self-Compassion

    • Overturns old teaching on self-esteem for a healthier approach to self-compassion
    • Offers simple, research-based practices
  • Photo of Ruth King

    Ruth King

    Teacher of Insight Meditation and mindfulness, author of Healing Rage

    • Helps you constructively accept and employ your most volatile emotions
    • Explores issues of race and self-acceptance
  • Photo of Danielle LaPorte

    Danielle LaPorte

    Equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass, author of The Desire Map

    • Hosts a myth-busting party to pulverize the three big lies that keep us from self-acceptance and connection
  • Photo of Matt Kahn

    Matt Kahn

    Popular YouTube teacher and author of Whatever Arises, Love That

    • Explore heart-centered consciousness
    • Transform conflict with compassion
    • Remember your deepest calling
  • Photo of Martha Beck, PhD

    Martha Beck, PhD

    Speaker, life coach, and bestselling self-help and memoir author

    • Teaches us how to connect to your true nature beyond the physical
    • Break through patterns of shame, fear, and doubt
  • Photo of Mary O’Malley

    Mary O’Malley

    Speaker, counselor, and author of What’s in the Way Is the Way

    • Invites you to “fall in love with yourself”
    • Helps you embrace every single aspect of who you are
  • Photo of Richard Schwartz, PhD

    Richard Schwartz, PhD

    The creator of the breakthrough Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy practice

    • Reveals how using IFS can help you transform the disowned parts of yourself into valuable allies
  • Photo of Tara Sophia Mohr

    Tara Sophia Mohr

    Author of Playing Big and the creator of the Playing Big leadership program for women

    • Teaches new strategies for dealing with the inner critic
    • In-the-moment practices for self-doubt
    • Cultivate positive critical thinking
  • Photo of Mike Robbins

    Mike Robbins

    Former Major League baseball pitcher turned author and entrepreneur

    • Reveals how to channel the energy you waste tearing yourself down into positive directions
  • Photo of Rosie Molinary

    Rosie Molinary

    Radical self-acceptance champion and author of Beautiful You

    • Shares powerful mindset lessons to shift your thinking to self-acceptance
    • Guidance for setting boundaries
  • Photo of Steven Hayes, PhD

    Steven Hayes, PhD

    Author of more than 35 books and 500 articles on psychology

    • Teaches a potent synthesis of mindfulness and behavior-changing cognitive therapy
    • Offers a step-by-step practice for changing your perspective on yourself
  • Photo of Elena Brower

    Elena Brower

    Yoga teacher and author of Art of Attention

    • Explores self-acceptance as an altruistic act
    • Offers strategies for loving your life in challenging times
  • Photo of Glenn Schiraldi, PhD, Lt. Col. (USAR, Ret.)

    Glenn Schiraldi, PhD, Lt. Col. (USAR, Ret.)

    Stress management advisor for the Pentagon, founder of Resilience Training International

    • Illuminates the qualities of healthy self-esteem
    • Basic principles for cultivating this essential quality
  • Photo of Elizabeth Lesser

    Elizabeth Lesser

    Cofounder of Omega Institute, author of A Seeker’s Guide

    • Reveals how you can accept yourself by extending compassion to others
    • Offers guidance for open and empathic communication
  • Photo of Chris Germer, PhD

    Chris Germer, PhD

    Psychologist and co-developer of The Mindful Self-Compassion program

    • Tackles the difficult question of shame
    • Untangles our negative beliefs
    • Examines how to transform shame into self-compassion
  • Photo of Adyashanti


    Zen-trained spiritual teacher, author of Resurrecting Jesus and Emptiness Dancing

    • Asks: “Why do we hold a deep belief in our own unworthiness?”
    • Helps us connect to our innate wholeness
  • Photo of Nataly Kogan

    Nataly Kogan

    Founder and CEO of Happier, host of the popular site

    • Shares eye-opening research on self-compassion and motivation
    • Helps you bridge the perceived gap between your self-image and the real you
  • Photo of Bret Lyon, PhD, and Sheila Rubin, LMFT

    Bret Lyon, PhD, and Sheila Rubin, LMFT

    Co-creators of the Healing Shame Lyon-Rubin method

    • Investigates the root of shame, the inner critic, and perfectionism
    • Key strategies for transforming toxic shame into healthy action
  • Photo of Parker J. Palmer, PhD

    Parker J. Palmer, PhD

    Speaker, activist, educator, and author of A Hidden Wholeness

    • Speaks with Tami Simon about the Shadow—what it is, why it persists, and how it shapes our journey to self-acceptance
  • Photo of Kelly McGonigal, PhD

    Kelly McGonigal, PhD

    Stanford researcher and pioneer of the science of compassion

    • Presents cutting-edge research and case studies
    • Reveals how your brain expresses self-criticism and self-compassion
    • Offers neuroscience-based practices
  • Photo of Seane Corn

    Seane Corn

    Celebrated yoga teacher, activist, and cofounder of Off the Mat, Into the World®

    • Explores the links between age, body image, and self-acceptance
    • Reveals how to “age wildly” and be comfortable in your own skin

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Our brains are wired to be critical of ourselves and compassionate towards others because they are instinctively driven to seek acceptance from a group. The trick is learning to turn our natural compassion inward as well as outward.

How to Overcome Self-Judgment and Live a Life of

Self-acceptance is one of the most challenging areas of personal growth—yet when we focus on treating ourselves with kindness and compassion we become healthier, more creative, and far more effective in every area of life. With The Self-Acceptance Summit, you’re invited to learn breakthrough insights and techniques from some of today’s top researchers and teachers. Join us to:

  • Hear the latest and most empowering discoveries about self-acceptance from psychology and neuroscience
  • Identify the barriers to self-acceptance and learn how to dissolve them
  • Learn practical exercises for overcoming the toughest self-acceptance obstacles—including the inner critic, body shaming, and more
  • Transform your relationships with others by healing your relationship with yourself

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